Look Up

“Your awesome,” they say, “Your smart, pretty, funny, kind … so hold your head up high.” They tell us we’re special. We have every reason to be confident in ourselves. So we hold our heads up high and proud. It works.*

*{This statement has not been evaluated by the Universal Self-esteem and Value Association. It is not intended to diagnose treat, cure or prevent any lack of self-worth.}

In other words, as long as we meet everyone’s expectations, constantly have peoples’ attention, are always accepted, and never forget to wipe the smeared mascara off our eyes, it’ll work.

Ok, so we failed at that. Maybe we just didn’t believe hard enough. Maybe if we just reached this utopia-like goal we’ll be confident. Maybe then we’ll be worth it. Or maybe we weren’t meant to look at ourselves to find our value. Maybe we were meant to look up.

What if our worth was already determined? What if we are already beautiful, precious, and valuable? What if we couldn’t do anything to change that even if we wanted to? What if we could be completely known and yet completely loved?

God has been teaching me is that it is when I look up at Him and explore Who He is and adore Him for all He does, I discover more about who I am. Not what other people see in me. Not what I think of myself. Who I really am when all the wrapping is stripped away.

I want sit at Christ’s feet and gaze up into His face. To walk through today with my eyes fixed on Him. With my eyes lifted up … and my head held high.


3 thoughts on “Look Up

  1. Thanks for sharing! It is refreshing to hear what God is teaching others! I really like this because it is closely related to something I was convicted about on Saturday. This past weekend I was on my youth group retreat. After the first morning there, I went up to my room to ask God to help me focus on him instead of myself. I find that It is so easy to fall into Satan’s trap of wanting to be recognized and noticed. However, seeking God’s presence is so much more fulfilling than seeking other peoples’ approval.

    1. I agree. I struggle with this often. It’s something God has been (and will be) working through with me for a while. I’m glad this was an encouragement to you! 🙂

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