The Beauty of the Lord

I love the thought of making God the One I look to for purpose and satisfaction and love and healing … but, to be honest, I also cringe at the idea. I can’t be filled with all He is without empting myself of all of myself that isn’t like Him. I can’t fully embrace His freeing truth without letting go of the lies I’ve bound myself to. I can’t see the world through His eyes without allowing Him to redefine everything in my life.

I’ve got to let Him redefine beautiful.

I’ve caught myself judging people who I consider “too beautiful.” Yet I’ve also caught myself thinking that being more beautiful would somehow satisfy me. I’ve caught myself thinking that beauty is a measure of my worth.


The truth isn’t that complicated … we’re just scared to say it out loud. God made beauty. God made fields of flowers dancing in the sunshine. God made icicles sparkling in the day’s last beams of sunshine. God made clear nights and soft moonlight. And God made women … beautiful.

The Bible doesn’t condemn or even ignore women’s beauty. God doesn’t shy away from saying that His creation is beautiful. In Genesis 24, Rebekah is described as “very beautiful.” According Genesis 29 Rachel was “beautiful” and had a “lovely figure” (NIV). God makes many other references to women’s beauty throughout Scripture … including some that don’t even seem necessary for the storyline. But they’re there. And they’re there for a reason.

God made beauty and God doesn’t make bad things. God made women attractive and God doesn’t make people bad. But we’ve believed lies surrounding the idea of beauty.

God, help me see beauty through Your eyes. To let go of the lies I’m holding on to so that I can embrace Your truth. Empty me of all of myself that is not like You.

“One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple,” (Ps. 27:4, NIV).

(My ideas about beauty have been influenced by a chapter in Carolyn McCulley’s book Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? called “Deceptive Charm”.)


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