Who makes you smile? Who engages your attention? Who do you look up to? Who influences you? Who do you value most? Who do you admire?


Not surprisingly, I find that the people I value most – the people who’ve made the biggest positive impact in my life – have some things in common. They’re other-centered. Genuine. Honest. Sensitive to other’s needs. They posses a sense of joy. They prize integrity. They’ve found the Source of confidence and purpose. And behind it all, there’s this driving force that empowers their lives.

There in this love relationship with their Creator, Savior, and Judge. They know Him. They’ve experienced His love. They know He is the One Who satisfies. They have this one overarching desire to deepen their relationship with Him. To know Him. To please Him. To … be lost in Who He is.

How do I know?

It shows. They know God’s love, so they love. They know God has chosen to be committed to them, so they choose to be committed to Him. Who He is has changed who they are. Yes, they still have their flaws. The are continuing to be remade to be like Christ. And they so desire to be like Him.

That’s what attracts me to them.

God knows what’s really beautiful.  He doesn’t ignore physical beauty, but He also says there’s something better out there that no gym membership includes. That beauty that’s always just beyond our grasp isn’t gonna be found in a few more crunches. Outward beauty isn’t gonna satisfy that longing that’s inside of me.

It’s not the physical beauty, but the Creator of beauty Who satisfies.

It’s not the people Who serve God, but the God they serve Who will satisfy.

It’s not even possessing the beautiful character that radiates from these people, but the Lord Who makes all things new Who will satisfy.

God alone will fill me up and meet my every need. He alone will satisfy.


3 thoughts on “Satisfied

  1. This is such a beautiful post! I have so many people in my life that are desiring a relationship with Christ like you described, and I have never been able to put into words why I appreciate them so much! Thank you for all your writings!

  2. This is so true! I really like the part about there being “something better out there that no gym membership includes.” And that “beauty isn’t going to be found in a few more crunches.”

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