Stronger Together

So two months ago I had no plans to make a New Year’s resolution. My reasons were 1). there wasn’t really anything I felt like committing to change and 2). those things I did want to change  I thought either weren’t worthy of being my resolution for the entire year or 3). I didn’t know how to go about changing them.

Oh, and 4). New Year’s resolutions have never worked for me. {That said, if you made one of those year long commitments I hope it’s going well … maybe this’ll serve as a reminder if you forgot about it 🙂 .} So no resolution for me. No new commitment to change.

That didn’t last long. God really made it clear to me {again, and in a new way} during the first few days of the new year that whether I felt like it or not I needed to work on a specific area of my life. {Actually, a couple – ok, many – areas that needed a makeover, but one in particular stood out to me at this time.}

Here it is: to stop acting like I live in a bubble. Like I don’t really need them much and they don’t need me much either.

Whether I {or they} realize it, what I do influences other people. I need to get my eyes off myself and serve other people and worship God.

Yet, I also need to learn when to ask others for help. That sounds so easy, but it’s really hard for me at times. Whether it’s asking for help in surface level problems or deep, heart issues, asking involves risk. It means risking being misunderstood, turned down, and judged. It means admitting I don’t understand. I get confused. I don’t have it all together. I’m needy. It means becoming vulnerable.

And doesn’t becoming vulnerable mean becoming weak? I don’t think so. It’s admitting we are weak. It’s facing the truth and then stepping out and doing something about it. It’s the first step toward becoming stronger. And it encourages others to become stronger too.

I want to be honest with myself. I want to be honest with God {it’s not like I can hide anything from Him anyway}. And I want to be open and honest with the wonderful people God has placed in my life. When we face the truth together – the truth about ourselves and God – change happens. We become stronger.


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