I Wish I Embraced This

I feel like I should have realized and embraced this a long time ago: there’s no such thing as an ideal body. It’s a shadow in my imagination.

The ideal body for me right now is the one I’m in. The body God meant for me right now is the one that exists now. I can rejoice in that.

Yet that part of me that always fights the truth says, “But I’m far from perfect. My body’s full of flaws that I need to change.”

Lie, lie, lie, and lie.

Lie #1. My body is me and I am my body.

Truth: My body isn’t me. It’s just there to represent me for the time being. I need to separate my identity from my appearance. My identity and worth was determined long ago on the cross. How I care for and present my body merely reveals what I believe about my identity and worth.

Lie #2. I must find out what perfect is and reach for it.

Truth: Here on this earth there is no such thing as perfect {at least as we define it} except perfectly “flawed.” The perfect body/appearance does not exist. It’s all in my mind {which is influenced by our culture}. God designed this body specifically for me and allowed life to leave it’s marks on me {already}. God hand picked everything from the scar on my knee to the shade of blue for my eyes specifically for me.

Lie #3. I have physical flaws.

Truth: “Flaw” implies there’s such a thing as perfect. Since there’s no such thing as a perfect, ideal body type here, now, on this earth, there is also no such thing as physical flaws.

{In saying this I realize that people have sickness, diseases, and deformities. In fact, all of us experience “problems” with our bodies. This is not how God originally made people. God’s children will one day have perfect bodies. However, God even uses our physical problem  for His good, perfect and pleasing will [Rom12:2]. These are not the physical “flaws” I’m referring to here. The so-called flaws I’m talking about here are the ones that make each of our bodies unique. It’s these “flaws” that I [and I know I’m not alone in this] am inclined to think make me inferior. They’re the ones I try to “correct” in order to achieve a “perfect” appearance.}

God made all body types, hair colors, nose shapes 🙂 , etc. And God doesn’t make mistakes. I was not made to look like anyone else besides myself.

Lie #4. I NEED to change my appearance.

Truth: I don’t NEED to change anything about how I look. Saying “I NEED to change” implies that I am worth less {or worthless} if I don’t change. But I am just as valuable now as I would be then.

I need to ask myself what’s motivating me to change. Because change is good … just not when I think it has anything to do with my worth. I want to desire to change  in order to show a more accurate representation of my true identity.

I may be wrong. Some of the things I wrote may not be entirely accurate, but this I know for sure …

I am not my own; I was bought at a price. Therefore I’m commanded to honor God with my body.

{based on God’s on words in 1 Corinthians 6: 19b-20, NIV}


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