Sometimes I just want to be heard. I might not have anything of value to say, but I feel like I need to pour it out there. I might not understand what I’m feeling or why this is happening, but I want to just talk it out. I think that’s a feeling we can all relate too.

At some point we all want to be heard – even the introverts. And not just heard, but valued and loved despite it all. We feel the need to express ourselves. to show someone what’s going on. to share with someone who actually cares and wants to understand.

There’s something special about having people in you life that you can be open and honest with. I believe we should each have a person like that. But I also think we can easily give this desire {to be noticed, heard, valued} the standing of a need that we can’t do without … ever.

Why am I telling you this? ‘Cause it’s a dangerous place to be in. I think this is often when we’re tempted to use are appearance to get attention {from guys or girls}. That desire to be heard can spiral into a demand to be noticed – even if that means lowering our standards or manipulating people. Sometimes it’s something as simple as posting (another) picture of ourselves on Facebook. Or putting that good girl show on when we’re around those people. We become hungry for approval and compliments.

I’ve been there … and I felt like a little kid throwing a tantrum {in my own adult-like way, of course}. I’ve been tempted to – and have – manipulated people to get their attention {yeah, me, that quiet girl in the corner}. And if I’m not heard, if I’m not noticed, then I qualify to be miserable.

But that’s certainly not true. I’ve got to do something to get my perspective back. Maybe that’s humbling myself enough to be honest with trusted people. Or maybe I need to talk to God about it.

“You have searched me, Lord,
    and you know me.”
(NIV) Psalm 139:1

God knows me. He understands. He will give me direction. I’ve just got to lift my eyes up to Him.

“When you give Him your wounds, your bruised and broken pieces,
All your questions, all your secrets.
You don’t have to hide who you are …
Rested who He is.
He knows how to make your pieces fit.

You are completely known.
You are completely loved.
This is where you belong”

~ Pieces, Meredith Andrews

Maybe I need to get my eyes off myself and praise God in the midst of it. And rest in Who He is. And maybe I need to reach out to the people around me. Maybe I need to be that listening ear.


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