Here’s my heart

God takes broken, tattered hearts and makes them beautiful. He is in the business of taking the repelling and hopeless and creating a masterpiece.

God uses shortcomings, mistakes, unfaithfulness to move us towards reality … the reality that we are totally and completely dependant on Him.

I can’t earn grace. Never will. And I’ll also never be able to make myself pleasing to God. I can’t move toward God on my own.

I’ve got a broken, tattered heart, but it’s being made new. I can’t make it beautiful, but He can.

I fail, but He picks me up.

I run and hide, but He seeks me out.

I close my eyes, but He gently whispers.

My God loves me. He pursues me. He calls me His own. He gave it all for me. I stand here amazed.

Amazed that He is willing to take this mess as it is. I can offer my heart again to Him even though it’s far less than perfect. I don’t have to wait until I feel good about myself before I give it to Him.

He will tenderly take it – me – in His hands. This is what He died to do. To hold me. To bring me near.

He will sew up the tears. He will mend the frayed edges. It will hurt. I will wince. A lot. I’ll pull away. But when I do, He will be sure to remind me this is for good. This is the way to go. He won’t ever let me fall from His hand.

This is grace.

He is making me new. He is making me whole. He is making me beautiful.

{Thanks for letting me ramble. This post is the result of a song, a sermon, a friend, a book [Knowing God by J. I. Packer], and countless other things God has placed in my life. It’s amazing how He brings it all together.}



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