What’s it gonna be about?

Stop resisting. Start embracing.

There’s so much in life I can’t control. I try to figure out a way to avoid the things that scare me. I try to resist or hide. My body tenses up and freezes but my mind run in circles.

I see this thing as a problem. and that’s all I see.

But I want to find peace and enjoyment in now and trust God with what’s out of my control, so I have a choice. I can focus on what’s out of my control or focus on the God Who is in control.

And really, what more can I do than rejoice in the positives and God’s promises and trust Him with what’s out of my hands? I can pray about it {and isn’t it a privilege to talk to the Author of life about our problems?}. and I can leave it in His hands. I can worship Him now. I can thank Him for what I have now. I can praise Him for being able to work out both the now and the later for the good of those who love Him.

Instead of filling now with something that’ll get me no where {worry}, it’d make a lot more sense to fill it with something that has a purpose and meaning.

I have one life. one now. one moment before me. and I can choose how I use it. Why not fill it with meaning?!

Meaning … like, not making it all about me and my problems and the things that irritate me. Meaning … like, using everything God has given me to worship Him. Meaning … like, seeing past my own nose to the people around me {people God loved enough to die for}. Meaning … like embracing the ups and downs each day brings, ’cause I know that God will work it out for good {that He has a meaning behind it}.

I need to stop resisting what God allows {or may allow} into my life and start embracing what He is teaching me through it.

It doesn’t need to be a problem. It can be an opportunity.

It doesn’t need to be about my inadequacy. It can be about His sufficiency.

Now doesn’t need to be filled with the hopelessness of worry. Now can be filled with the meaning of worship.



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