Safe Here

My God’s grace is sufficient, His power is perfect, and His righteousness is free … in the midst of my weaknesses {2Cor.12:7-10; Rom.5:17}.

My God’s love is strong. Nothing will separate me from it {Rom.8:38-39}.

My God Who, gave His Own Son to die in my place, will always work out all things for my good and continue the work He began in me {Phil.1:16; Rom.8:32}.

My Savior’s sacrifice is sufficient to cleanse me completely from my sins {Eph.5:25-27; 1John6:35-40}

My Savior is my High Priest. He is able to save me completely and forever {Heb.7:23-25}.

My Savior is stronger than the evil one. His protection is sure. {1John5:18}.

My Savior Who died in my place will be sure to complete my salvation {Rom5:9-10}.

The hands that hung the stars. the hands that hold the world. the hands that formed “my inmost being.” the hands that bear the scars of love. these hands hold me. nothing  will touch me that hasn’t passed through these hands first. nothing and no one will take me from these hands.  My Savior experienced ultimate pain to show ultimate love … for me. He is not going let go of what He fought for. He is not going to let go of those He died for {John10:28-29}.

What then?

Rejoice. Praise. Worship. We are standing in His grace. We are drenched in His love. We have reason for hope. The ups and downs of life can smooth out. We can work through them because Christ has given us the ability to see past them. {Rom.5:1-5}.

God is holding me in His hands.

I’m safe here.

He is keeping me here.

And I’m rejoicing here.




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