filled by love

If I’m the one Christ died for to make His Own.

if I’m the One He takes by the hand and calls me His own.

if I’m the one He calls precious and honored.

if I’m the one He carries in His arms each day.

if I’m the one He is preparing a home for.

if I’m the one He loved …

than what’s keeping me from worshiping Him with everything I do today?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? That question keeps popping up in my mind … and my answer is to be filled to overflowing with God’s love. His love changes everything.

God, let Your love fill me and push out the hate and fear and unbelief. Help me to focus less on the problems and fears and more on my Savior. my Lord. my Lover. my Hope. my Joy. my Peace. the Giver of Life.

I don’t need to feel guilty of letting go of my worries and embracing God’s promises and truths. I don’t owe my worries and fears anything, but God … the same God Who says all of ^ about me … He is worthy of all I could ever give Him.

When I focus on the Most Important the rest of life in this world will grow dimmer. And that’s ok ’cause I’ll be seeing the One Who is most important, clearer. When God is my focus everything else in life begins the process of sorting out into their rightful spots.

Life will not go my way. that is guaranteed.

Life will go God’s way. the way that is best.

And God will love me through it all.


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