There’s more

There’s more to life than success.

more to work than a paycheck.

more to school than excelling.

more to summer vacations.

more to today than what I cross off my to-do list.

It’s hard for me to remember this isn’t really about how much I can accomplish. As a graduate I’ve got the “so what are you gonna do?” question asked so many times I’ve felt like making a T-shirt with the answer written clearly across the front. So maybe this post is written out of a little annoyance at others – and myself – when we focus only on the doing.

When I focus solely on the doing I forget about being. I start to ignore the people. I don’t notice the little blessing around me. I forget my value is connected to who God has made me and not what I accomplish.

It’s gonna take reprioritizing. It’s gonna mean changing my plans. It’s gonna mean I might not accomplish as much. It may even mean allowing labels that’ve been placed on me based on what I do fall to the wayside.

But if that’s what it takes to become a person who takes the time to appreciate the beauty around her. to listen intently to people’s stories. to stop and rest and refocus when needed. to worship her God for His creation and how He orchestrates it all. if that is what it takes to become a person who knows who she is has more to do with what God has done for her than anything else … than I want to do it.

Wherever you are – be all there. ~ Jim Elliot

There’s nothing wrong with doing just as long as being comes first.


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