Tell me a story

Ask. everyone has a story to tell. everyone wants to be heard.

Listen. show you care about their story. listening well is an art.

Pray. remind them Who is truly writing their story. there’s a reason for every turn in the road.

Never be to busy to listen. Never be to busy to tell people they’re valuable. You don’t have to say much at all. Just let them share what’s on their heart and mind. Whether {at the moment} their story is one of victory or defeat, God will use that story to tell of His glory. It’s a story worth hearing.

So ask. Listen. And praise the God Who is working through their story.


2 thoughts on “Tell me a story

  1. This is a good reminder! I think being a listener is one of the best qualities a person can acquire. It is also one of the most difficult to develop. Something I have noticed from reading the gospels is that Jesus always made time to be with people and to listen to them. Even though he undoubtedly had things he needed to do, he still made time. I want to be more like that.. the kind of person who will stop everything I’m doing to give my undivided attention to someone who needs a listening ear.

    1. I agree. Being a good listener is a talent that I think is often overlooked, but it’s also one of the most needed. I think it’s amazing how simply giving a person your full attention and asking a few good questions can be such an encouragement to them. I can definitely see you becoming good at this! 🙂

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