breathe deeply

do it. take a deep breath. exhale. repeat.

slow down for a moment or two. be intentional.

personally, I’ve found taking a minute or two to breath deeply is so freeing.

and, no, it’s not meditation … at least not the emptying- the-mind-kind. it’s selective thinking. or “taking every thought captive” if you’d like.

Oh, there is emptying, but it’s something more like this:

It’s letting go of the negative thoughts. It’s crashing the pity-party I’m having for myself. It’s silencing the argument I’m having with my inner critic. It’s ending those mental fighting matches I’m having with that person. It’s letting go of the worry. It’s saying I failed at controlling my life … and it’s being ok with that.

But it doesn’t stop there. Actually, it doesn’t even start there. In order empty out the filth, I’ve got to have something to push it out with. It really starts with truth.

It starts with the truth that I’m out of control, but Someone greater is holding it all together … and quite well at that. It starts with resting in the fact that the God Who has carried me safely thus far is holding me now and will continue to carry me … for all eternity.

And that’s where the freedom lies. You might call it “surrendering your worries to God” or “letting go and letting God,” but those phrases carry so much baggage. They complicate the simple truth: I’m not God. I’m not in control. Only God is God. He is in control. And He’s very good at doing His job.

When I see life through that truth, I am free. I’m free to let go of the controls … the fear, bitterness, and guilt. I’m free to see the good in where God has placed me. to see His hand in the world around me. in the opportunities He has given me. I’m free to not understand. to cry with those who are hurting. I’m free to see the positive in the people that surround me and to see how God is bringing the nearer to Himself. I’m free to marvel at creation. I’m free to love and serve and smile and forgive and hope and dream and sing and sacrifice. I’m free to worship. worship the God Who is greater than it all. the God Who is in control.

i can breathe deeply.

right now.

because I am free.

because He is God.


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