the smallest strokes

They told us  to think of one person we admire. That took me like 2 seconds. And I can think of several more now.

We say inner beauty radiates to the outside. We say our appearance isn’t the only thing that can be attractive … our character can gain people’s attention too.

I’ve wondered why I admire certain people. Do these people {who come from various backgrounds, have differing occupations, and posses their own unique personalities} have some things in common?

We’ve caught onto this “attractive character” idea. We -if we’re gonna be honest- use it to our advantage to gain people’s attention and approval.

I think two common qualities the people I admire share is a desire to live with integrity and to invest in the lives of others. whatever their occupation. whatever their talents. in their own unique way. they serve the people around them. and they live with focus.

We’re disappointed when our work isn’t noticed. We doubt our abilities when they’re not praised. We feel insecure when we’re overlooked.

Apparently those people I consider my role models have a focus that’s worth pursuing with their all. because I rarely see them get distracted by other less worthy goals. oh, I’m sure they do lose their perspective sometimes, but they must get their eyes back on their goal pretty quickly. their undistractedness is refreshing.

We forget that our character and talents and accomplishments are only really beautiful if they’re not done for us. When they’re not done to gain us recognition or approval or love.

 “And the only way to ever leave beauty marks on the world is with bits of yourself — and this will hurt. Things of realest beauty don’t bring us glory — but Him glory.” ~ Ann Voskamp

Those admirable people in my life – the ones who live with integrity and invest in the people around them – they’re not superheroes {I know, shocking}. They’re regular people that have found something – and, in some cases, Someone – to give them their worth and purpose and direction. They’ve found Someone Who is worth giving up “bits of [themselves]” for – even if it hurts.

“It’s always the smallest strokes that add up to the greatest masterpieces.” ~ Ann Voskamp

Even when there’s no one to cheer them on or tell them how great they are – even in the small and mundane – they live with their focus in view. And that is beautiful – whether or not it’s recognized.


{read Ann’s full, inspiring blogpost here}.


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