a beautiful story

If I would write a blogpost about allowing God to make beauty come from our pasts, I would say everyone has a story worth sharing. No one’s story is God’s after thought. He has a purpose for every plot twist and every chapter of waiting.

If I wrote about beauty coming from our past, I’d say the way to allow that to happen is to give God free access to it. Stop acting like it didn’t happen or wasn’t that important. But don’t hold onto it so tightly that it cant’ be used for good in the present simply because you’re not willing to live in the now. The past. the present. it’s all part of the story.

I’d write that when we share our story we allow it to touch the lives of countless others. We invest in the lives of those around us. We would – at least in some small way – shape their story. We never know for sure what will impact who most and, of course, we may never see the results ourselves. But one things for sure … if our story is going to reach that one person who really needs to know they’re not the only one … it’s gotta be told.

I’d write that maybe more importantly, it’s got to be lived. that truth we’ve learned. it’s got to be breathed out in our lives.

I’d write that I’m realizing I need to hold my story with open hands before God. ‘Cause it’s not my story. it’s not my life. it’s His. I’m His. And He is going to use me for something beautiful.


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