peace remains

When you’re writing about not being in control.  when you’re writing about how perfectionism is a guise that hides your frantic search for peace. when you’re writing about your inability to create peace on your own. and you go to publish your blog post. and only half of it appears. and the last lines end with “I’m not in control.”

It’s not a coincidence.

It seems like for the past several months God has been slowly trying to show me that the lack of worry, the security, the peace that I’ve been looking for isn’t going to be found through me working harder to get it. it’s not going to be found when circumstances change. Indescribable peace is given through Christ. It’s the God given gift to live in the reality that God alone is in control. It’s seeing God, myself, the world each as they truly are. It’s admitting He is better at running my life than I am. It’s closeness with God. I can choose worry, fear, pride instead, but, as a child of God, that perfect peace is always there for me to embrace.

This isn’t how I planned to end this post to end. But isn’t that the point? My plans may fall apart {plans bigger than this one} but the perfect peace God offers me remains the same. True peace isn’t dependent on effort or circumstances or people. True peace is dependent on the unchanging God with unending love.


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