be still and know

This phrase from Psalm 46 kept going through my mind earlier this week: “Be still, and know that I am God” (ESV).

And this: “Be my God, so I can just be me. ” ~ Laura Story, I Can Just Be Me

And what does it look like for God to be God in my life? what does it mean to be still? and what does I mean here to “just be me”?

What I – what we – need is a stillness, a calm, a peace that doesn’t depend on what mood that coworker’s in or what the doctor says or how many  things are checked off the to-do list at the end of the day.

Peace is living in reality. living in truth.

It’s knowing and believing and treating God as God. Not some self-created, boxed in, “safe” version, but as the almighty, just, holy God the Bible portrays.

It’s letting my “truth” be shaped by Truth Himself.

And then wrapping my life around this God. abiding in His Word. knowing and believing His love.

And, no, it’s not gonna always feel like what we think of peace. Letting go of the controls doesn’t always feel calming. Having your beliefs challenged by Truth is unsettling. And I guess you could say letting God be God in your life can be quite frightening.

So really this worry and fear isn’t just about things not going my way or those people who have let me down or whatever other surface problem I blame my uneasiness for. This is a matter of control. This is a matter of trust.

this is about whether I trust that God really is enough.

whether I believe He will protect me from all that will harm me and provide all that is good for me.

The enemy of peace is this lie that I need to become good. enough. worthy apart from God because (so the lie says) God isn’t really enough.

and this is what I need to hear and believe when fear and worry and soul chaos abound. this is what peace says to the child of God: “In your rebellion and depravity {yes, for real, this is what we both need to hear}. In your rebellion and depravity God did what you could not do. Christ’s death destroyed death in you and restored you to life- to a relationship with the living God.  That gut feeling that’s at the root of all your unrest, that you’ll never really succeed. you’ll never be enough, is right on … when you’re fighting on your own. But you’re not alone. Christ poured His worth into you. So stop trying to get this together to make yourself worthy; you already are. Stop trying to do more of these things and less of those things in order to get God pleased with you; He already is. It is done and it is finished. He gave His life for you. See His love for you? This God Who so loves you will not let you go. Wrap your life around all He is. And know that He holds you tighter than you could ever hold onto Him.”



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