bleeding charity

And, oh, God, I thought I had gotten past this. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe that I’d get this all pulled together and that the questions and insecurities would start to fade. But when you start facing truth head on, that’s when all the cheap lies begin to surface. And then what seemed so obvious and sure feels a little less clear, ’cause it’s asking you to let go of those other things that made you feel secure … those lies. So then there’s a choice that needs to be made. and it will be made – either by your declaring it or your ignoring it. C. S. Lewis wrote in The Great Divorce, “There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, in the end, ‘Thy will be done.'” And down at the bottom of it is a matter of trust. whether I trust that God’s will is good. best. ’cause who wants to miss out on the best life? “‘There is but one good; that is God. Everything else is good when it looks to Him and bad when it turns from Him.'” ~ C. S. Lewis, The Great Divorce And, no, it’s not just C. S. Lewis who said it. and I’ve got to face it: the Word of Truth says it. says that there’s only two choices: turn and trust God and say “Your will be done because it is good and You are good and nothing can change that”; or turn away from God and trust self saying, “Good can be found apart from God. God is not good. God is a liar.” And that’s the choice. It’s a choice that we make every day. Whether we’re children of God or not. we make that choice. Whether we declare it or ignore it. we all choose. And the relief in all this is that God knows we’re not good. God’s not scared when we chose to face the truth head on and all those lies we’ve held on to are brought to the light. And He doesn’t tell us to get it together, but that He holds us together. What would be the point of God’s hand being bloodied with His Son’s death, if I could just get it together? He did it for me. And so, yeah, there’ll always be this choice: live this moment by Truth or by lies. But, for the child of God, there’s also something called “Bleeding Charity” {C. S. Lewis, The Great Divorce}. grace. And then choosing Truth becomes something we get to do. And, oh, God, don’t ever let me get past this.


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