I come just as I am

My God is still pursuing and I guess what I really need to embrace and believe is that He knows I can’t fix myself and then come to Him. He wants me to come to Him broken so that He can mend me. come guilty so that He can pardon me; praise God, just as I am. And maybe committing to follow Christ isn’t about committing to living perfectly, but daily learning to live trusting His perfection. This narrow path God lays before me isn’t leading me to a place where I’ll have it together, but where I’ll fully trust that He holds me together. This is not about coming to a place where I won’t need Christ’s sacrifice because I’ve pulled myself up to God’s perfect standards, but about learning to quickly run to my Savior. And this path leads to joy and peace and righteousness and hope. And love. No other path leads there. No other path leads to forever with God.

So God, please work Your power in me. Make me ready – eager – to commit. Not to perfection ’cause 1) that would make Christ’s sacrifice worthless and 2) ’cause I’ll never be able to attain that standard. Rather, work in my heart to make me ready to commit to 1) trusting that You – Your perfection, sacrifice, provision – are enough and 2) in my insufficiency, running to Your sufficiency always.

Teach me to let go of my prideful thinking that I can get this together. Thank You for truly being all I need. I come empty. nothing to give. Yet You are ready to fill me up with all I need.



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