in the struggle

So I wrote that maybe following Christ isn’t so much about living perfectly as trusting in His perfection.

And, to be honest, writing that felt risky. I felt like I was risking being seen as someone so hyped up about grace that I forgot about another big factor in following Christ.

The fact that God commands us to be holy as He is holy {1 Pet. 1:14-17}.

That God commands us to forgive others as He forgave us {Eph. 4:32}.

That Christ commands us to love others just as He loved us {John 13:34}.


I’ve struggled with {and maybe more than anything tried to ignore} this nagging question. this question that doubts God and, yeah, pretty much shows how self-centered this heart can really be.

Why does God just leave us here in this struggle and weakness and imperfection when we could worship Him so much more purely and wholeheartedly in heaven? {in other words, God, I want to get out of this mess}.


I’m so honored to have so many godly people in my life. It’s easy for me to think that they’re somehow above the struggle. Because they seem so strong.

And that is such a lie.


It’s kind of interesting, and definitely no coincidence, that God’s call in 1 Peter for us to be holy as He is comes write in the middle of commands to hope. a command to hope {not in our ability to live holy lives} but in “the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ” and “in God.”

And just reading 1 Peter 1:13-25 you get this overwhelming sense that this call to be holy as God is holy isn’t about hoping in my attempts at holy but in hoping in God’s perfect holiness.

Maybe there’s holiness in the confident hoping of God’s perfect holy.


“Somehow God must be pleased with the struggle,” she said. Because why else would He leave us as imperfect, divided hearted worshipers?

And He’s not pleased ’cause He enjoys our hurting, but maybe because He wants us to experience true healing.

And He’s not pleased ’cause He enjoys watching us stumble around in our weakness, but maybe because He wants us to experience supernatural strength.

In Him.


And, yeah, it’s time to be ok with not really grasping it. But somehow, God is glorified in the struggle.


The lie? Godly people are strong people.

The truth? Godly people know their utter weakness. And they’ve fallen down on their knees pleading for God’s utter strength.

again. and again. and again.

And somehow God is glorified in this. this struggle.

And there’s this sure hope in Christ’s perfect holy. this sure hope that He is wholly enough.

Interacting with these people I begin to sense that Christ’s strong arms are familiar with carrying the weight of their weaknesses.

And it becomes clear that they’re not strong, but they’ve met the One Who is.

And in their weakness. in the struggle. they meet Him again. and again. and again.


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