“Trust me”

Dear Sweet Girl,

I’ve seen you struggling between what you feel and what you know.

I’ve seen your knuckles turn white from gripping that wheel. that control. gripping onto it as if your life depended on it. And all the while I heard your voice say that your life depends on letting go and handing over of the controls. in knowing deeply the One Who redeems and gives life.

And, sweet girl, I saw you in the struggle. And I saw the doubts and lies.

And I heard Him whisper, “Trust me.”

“Yeah, but how?” was all I heard you sigh.

That moment – you had barely let out that breath –  I saw the truth flood in.

And He wasn’t going to let you ignore it this time.

“See how I’ve forgiven you countless times. See how I’ve proven my love for you at an expense you can’t fathom. Trust me.”

I saw how your hands trembled. I saw them  release the controls. I saw them open in the worship called surrender.

And I saw the wonder in your face at what you found. that there really is freedom there in the surrender. In giving over the command.

And the freedom become all the more real as the doubts, lies and temptations came rushing in and He gave you the grace to say, “No, He is worthy of my trust … I trust Him.”

And I saw you rest deeper into your Savior’s strong arms.

Dear, sweet girl, I pray you’ll never lose the wonder.

the wonder that even as you grab for the wheel He still whispers, “See how I’ve proven my love for you … trust me.”


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