I’ll just say it right up front: this post was “inspired” by Caitlyn Jenner’s story.

But this is not another post about Caitlyn Jenner.

This is about all of us.

Yesterday I finally read Vanity Fair’s article and skimmed their interview of Jenner. And I was a bit startled – maybe more than I should have been – at what I saw in Jenner’s comments.

I saw myself.

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say I saw who I could have been.

I saw a person who feels like they’re lying about who they  really are. Who feels like they’re hollow inside because they know they’re not all they could be. A person who’s greatest dream and worst nightmare is that their secrets will be exposed.

I saw a person who’s hiding who “they really are on the inside.”

And these thoughts and feelings aren’t just an individual’s (male or female) who’s picture appears on the front of a magazine.

These are mine. these are yours.

Who Jenner really is on the inside is who we really are on the inside.

broken and sinful.

apart from Christ.

See, I can point to chemical imbalances and complicated circumstances and difficult people and yell at God for being so unfair. so cruel. for allowing us all to be so broken and yet still command us to obey an unimaginably high set of rules. I could cry to God asking Him how He could expect those people with all those issues … how He can expect me with all of mine … to follow an impossible set of rules. Couldn’t He make an exception for them … maybe for me too?

But the thing is, God doesn’t make exceptions. He desires that the peace and joy and abundant life that come from seeking after Him to be experienced by every single individualno exceptions.

And God is not scared or overwhelmed by anything that makes us broken.

He meets us in our brokenness.

He loves us in our brokenness.

and He doesn’t leave us in our brokenness.

His love changes us. Not saying it won’t take accountability or counseling or therapy or medication … or a lifetime.

Just saying, His love changes us in the midst of struggle.

and we don’t have to do the impossible.

because our hope is the God of the impossible.

the God Who will one day make our hollow spaces whole.


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