Let’s step out of the race

“This is not a race!” But all those kids standing side by side on that white line on the gym floor feel it – to them this is a race. Arms ready by their sides, shoulders leaning forward, they hold their breath waiting for the command.

“Choose your own path. Do what interests you. Don’t compare yourself to others too much. We’re all winners.” But all of those kids  adults standing side by side on graduation day feel it – to them. to us. this is a race.

And when I stop from the rush I wonder what in the world are we all racing towards? What am I hurrying to reach?

And is it worth the rush?

Because I’d hate to think I was rushing the present to get to something that wasn’t all that fulfilling, all the while missing the wonder of now.

What if I stepped out of the race? What if I didn’t feel the need to climb the ladder?

Do we even know what that would look like?

What if I hardly ever felt the need to say “busy” as a reply to someone’s first-question-asked?

What if I didn’t need to list all the things I’m doing this week to anyone who will give me half their attention just so that I can get that ego boost?

What if I didn’t call myself “less than” when my list of to-dos doesn’t measure up to yours in quantity or quality by the race’s standards?

What if I fully engaged and immersed myself in where I am in the moment? What if I really listened to the joys and concerns and lives of people? What if I ignored the race’s rules and crossed social and cultural bounds and loved people here. now. without conditions.

What if I dared to live unhurried – with a purpose?


                As I try to wrap my mind around what the priorities and daily life of a person who lives unhurried – with a purpose – would look like I keep coming back to Psalm 46:10.

“Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted …” (ESV)

Whether you or I thrive on busyness or a slower pace … we were all designed to exalt God. to make His Name big. We are all designed to worship God in the here and now.

And when my mind is full of worries about things I simply cannot control (and God doesn’t expects me too) and my heart is frozen by the fear of failing (when God promises to work it all out for the good of those who love Him) and my soul is weary from trying to find my worth in what my hands do and people’s approval (when God has already declared my worth on the cross) … in those times when I’m distracted and try to make things right on my own, I am not exalting God.

I am trying to be God. I’m trying to make my name big. I’m {oh, it’s sickening} worshiping myself.

And the LORD of the universe says “Be still and know that I am God.”

Admit you can’t control it, and let it go, trusting the good God Who has all power in His hands.

Look into the unconditional love of your Father and let the fear melt away.

See your Savior’s nail scared hands. see His faithful pursuit of you. and know He has poured His worth into you.

And exalt your God.

Only when I live today with God as LORD can have deep soul stillness. only then can I believe that who I am is more important that what I do. only then can I freely invest in things that have no earthly value, but extravagant eternal worth. only then can I live with my hands wide open and love without bounds. Only when I live solely to exalt God can I confidently step out of the race and enter the freedom of being still and knowing He is God.


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