In Forever.

Living simply.

Yeah, sometimes that  phrase reminds me of those dollhouse-like minimalist homes with sunflowers out front and a bed the doubles as a dresser … and an entire living room. But, really, that’s not it at all.

This living simply is living with this deep soul-ache for better things. eternal things.

It’s this open hand. This circle of grace. grace intervenes. I serve. God is glorified. He blesses me again… and so, in wonder at this grace, I serve again.

It’s this front porch. the intersecting of lives. the sharing of stories. the communing in the wonder at a mighty God.

It’s looking them straight in the eye and listening to what they’re excited about. afraid for. dreaming of.

It’s being hospitable with my home and heart. It’s being aware when it will bless others to open the door and welcome them in. to let them see the mess and witness the chaos and become aware of the story of redemption that is happening here. {Ps 40:9-10}

It’s exhaling and letting those corset strings pop. their constriction was an attempt to make me into someone other than the person I was made to be. but when I let her see the hurt inside of me the pressure that keeps me from breathing, it eases. and there’s this release. this exhale. and with each breath healing comes. {James 5:16}

Living simply is living raw and real and vulnerably. It’s risking the shadowy things that are valued here for the priceless treasure in forever.


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