don’t tell me to trust God

“All worry is atheism, because it is a want of trust in God.” ~Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

I don’t know when worry became the normal. Or when trust became something I needed to accomplish.

Because it shouldn’t be. and I can’t.


you don’t tell an atheist to, “just trust God.”

they don’t believe His exists.

or that if He does, He doesn’t care what happens to us.

and if you peel away all the excuses and deception, that’s what we believe when we worry.

[long hesitation] … that’s what I believe when I worry.


in fact, maybe we shouldn’t tell anyone to, “just trust God.”

because church shorthand won’t be enough to help someone who is deep down {often unadmittingly or even unconsciously} questioning the God of the church.

but even more importantly, because the focus is all wrong. it’s on me and my trust. it leads me to trying to trust that my trust in God will hold up under the weight of life.

but for authentic trust. authentic change. to happen the focus needs to be on the Object of my trust. I need to know He is reliable. I need to know if He’s held up in the past. I need to know His character. I need to know Him.


So don’t tell me – us – to “just trust God” as if that’s enough of an argument to change an acting atheist.

tell us Who He is. show us Who He is.

pray that we would know Him.

pray that in our worries we would meet God

and find Him worthy of carrying our load.


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