I once was in a discussion with someone who would identify himself  as a Christian who said that he thought theology was basically bad. like, we should avoid it. because it distracts us from the Gospel. and Truth. and Jesus.

And I agree

And I disagree.

I tend to (or at least used to) gravitate toward being the type of person who likes the black and white, clean cut, and set in stone. Not knowing or understanding bothers (or did) me like nothing else. I want answers and I want to understand them.

But the thing is, theology – and life – is not about adding another answer to my spiritual arsenal.

It’s about finding God.

Because I could know the ins and outs of theology. and I could know the entire detailed outline of the Bible and how it all plays together. and I could memorize entire books of the Bible. I could know a lot about God. but without Love (and God is love) than I have nothing and I am nothing. (1 Cor. 13:1-3)

Because everything (even a “good,” “Christian” thing) is worthless compared to the immeasurable worth of knowing Jesus. (Phil 3:8-11)

Finding answers is worthless in and of itself. But if in the searching I grow closer to God, if in the finding I learn more of God … than the search – no matter how long – is completely worth it.


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