wildly grateful

Lindsey's - community
PC: Lindsey Slough


Some things in my life are eerily similar to the way they were last year. many of the same questions. many of the same unknowns.

Yeah, there’s some differences too, with one sticking out in particular. One that’s made all the difference in the world …

I know I’m not in this by myself.

because of new friendships and new meaning in old ones.

because accountability encourages me to keep seeking.

because strong friendships remind me I’m not alone.

and because, God, being in Your Word grounds me in Truth. grounds me in Christ.

“We must have a steady and renewing source of fervor for ourselves … a centering sort of passion. The kind that allows a tree to sway wildly and beautifully in the wind and remain strong.” -Ali Horman

I can and I will sway widely in the wind; but, God, help me center on You.

Teach me even to fly into the wind knowing that with You – through Your Word, Your Spirit, and Your people – this resistance grows my roots deeper. it’s nothing less than good. nothing less than grace.


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