worth it

Lindsey's - quiet; space

PC: Lindsey Slough


“You should know that if we meet I’ll probably fall in love with you and your story. You’ve been warned.” ~Melissa Hawks

You get to have your story heard and I get to listen. There. We’re both happy,

needy, dependent, and used.

“So is it worth it?” is the question that immediately comes to mind.

But maybe it’s the wrong question because it sets our eyes on whether we’ll get as much as we give – whether we’re guaranteed as much as we risk.

But love does what’s best for another no matter the expense – no matter the risk.

So the question becomes, “Is this the loving thing to do?”

Is it patient and kind? Or does it envy and boast? Is it arrogant and rude? Does it insist on it’s own way? Is it irritable or resentful? Does it rejoice at wrong doing or with the truth? Does it protect, trust, and hope? Does it end with the friendship, or continue despite changing priorities and circumstances? {1Cor13}

And is this the most loving thing: respecting you as one made like God, as one who was designed to shine the glory of your Creator, as one dearly loved by our Savior?

You’re worth praying for, listening to, investing in. You’re also worth me not hearing your story if that’s what’s best for you.

You are worth it because the God who made you and loves you is worth it.


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