Because we’re all pieces of art made by God in God’s mold.

But we’re less like paintings and more like novels to be unfolded slowly page by page.

“’Relationships should be revelatory. We are not art shows on display to be gawked at. We should be allowed to be revealed over time.’” – The Revelation of You

And, yeah, we’ve probably all wanted to skip to the last chapter. But the ending is the most rewarding when we’ve savored the rest of the artwork beforehand.

Lindsey's - light; art
PC: Lindsey Slough


Friendships have their own ebb and flow. And sometimes we need to just let it be. Let it be what it is where it is. and be thankful for what it is where it is.

And let them know that.

Show them that.

… that you see them as a beautiful creation of God. that you will fight to think of them and treat them as nothing less than as one greatly prized by the God of the universe.

… that you are there – there at the page you’re at. and you’ll stay there for as long as  love calls for it, enjoying that page and being thankful for the pages you’ve already enjoyed.

… and that you’ll treat each page as an undeserved gift, and you’ll revel in the grace of being able to learn of the story God has been unfolding in their heart.

… that the story is grace unfolding.





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