2015: in which Grace finds me

I don’t even know where to start. this year. oh my.

“So maybe … I was … Afraid that Love Himself would cage me in and smother my dreams and freedom with His rules and demands. But the thing is, when I withdraw. when I focus on myself. when I don’t want to be inconvenienced or tied down … I’m making myself my own cage. because I can’t get passed me.”[July 7]

“the answer to the questions of worth and love are not found in self. No matter how deep you look you won’t find wholeness in your own emptiness. you won’t find worthiness by searching through your own unworthiness. but left to self that’s all we’ve got. you and I can’t really find self-worth until we face the overwhelming truth that the only One Who is worthy poured His worth into us.” [Feb 6]

“See, I can … yell at God for being so unfair. so cruel. for allowing us all to be so broken and yet still command us to obey an unimaginably high set of rules. I could cry to God asking Him how He could expect those people with all those issues … how He can expect me with all of mine … to follow an impossible set of rules. Couldn’t He make an exception for them … maybe for me too? But the thing is, God doesn’t make exceptions. He desires that the peace and joy and abundant life that come from seeking after Him to be experienced by every single individualno exceptions.” [June 4]

Lindsey's - quiet; space
{PC: Lindsey Slough}


“And the relief in all this is that God knows we’re not good. God’s not scared when we chose to face the truth head on and all those lies we’ve held on to are brought to the light. And He doesn’t tell us to get it together, but that He holds us together. What would be the point of God’s hand being bloodied with His Son’s death, if I could just get it together?” [Mar 16]

“… if the grace of the gospel is God’s kindness to the undeserving, than who are we to pretend we’ve got it all down perfect? God calls us to do good, but He does not call us to hide our ‘undeservingness.'” [Mar 1]

“‘Somehow God must be pleased with the struggle,’ she said. Because why else would He leave us as imperfect, divided hearted worshipers? And He’s not pleased ’cause He enjoys our hurting, but maybe because He wants us to experience true healing. And He’s not pleased ’cause He enjoys watching us stumble around in our weakness, but maybe because He wants us to experience supernatural strength. In Him. Maybe.” [Apr 11]

“because of God’s mighty hand over all things. because of the Son of God’s hands hammered to a tree. my hands are freed. I am freed … Free to invest in what has no earthly value, but extravagant eternal worth … Free to fail daily … because the One Who freed me is always enough, will never fail, and is wholly perfect.” [June 30]

“And let’s just whisper it in their ears right now and let it soak into our own souls too: we can see God’s face even when we can’t find His hands, if we seek it. because God’s character is unchanging and sure even when life’s pieces don’t seem to fit. and He said He is doing a good work here.” [Aug 16]

“these people are precious to God. the scars on His Son’s hands and the gash on His side prove it. so maybe the question isn’t if it’s true, but ‘do I believe it?’ Do I believe that our all-powerful God cares deeply about these people – more than I ever could?” [Aug 29]

“And You command us to love like You loved; so that people will be sent searching for the Source of this unconditional, sacrificial, supernatural love. so that Your name will be glorified {Phil 2:1-11}.” [Sept 24]

And is this the most loving thing: respecting you as one made like God, as one who was designed to shine the glory of your Creator, as one dearly loved by our Savior?” [Nov 11]

“when the world feels like a place of big, selfish five year olds, when Christmas songs feel worse than circus clowns, when loving feels like losing, He says, ‘I know.'” [Dec 3]

“And I am pursued … But when I ask ‘why bother?’ there’s no sweet list of compliments. No praise for my personality or character. No thanks for all I’ve done for Him. No. His reply is simple, yet baffles me.’I ‘bother’ because I love you.'” [Dec 14]


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