“In the beginning, God created…”

Genesis 1:1. He willed so we are. Just that one thing. Nothing done on our part. We simply became because He willed us into being – and for an illogical reason.

Yes illogical. We serve an illogical God.

Because, according to human wisdom creating beings that will doubt you and disobey you and rebel against you and betray you and hide from you is too outlandish even to wrap our minds around.


“… Christ died for the ungodly …

Lindsey's - One thing
PC: Lindsey Slough


Romans 5:6. Read it again.


God died for those who live as if there is no God – who live with their eyes covered from the God Who is evident and Who is near.

God died for those who doubt Him and disobey Him and rebel against Him and betray Him and hide from Him.


“… God so loved the world …”

John 3:16


This leaves me struggling to find words.

God willed and so He created. God willed and so He loved.

I was created and I am loved because God willed.

And that’s the only reason I can find. It’s not even really a reason; it’s a fact. It just is – just is that one thing.

God willed to bring me into being and to bring me into His love without a reason but simply because He is. He is the I AM.

And all I am hangs on this one thing – that the I AM wills it.

Thank You, Jesus. ❤


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