Call Her Beautiful

A few weeks ago I stumbled on this blog post. It kind of validated and summarized my perspective on body image/appearance. I had this “how did you know?” feeling come over me as I began to read. It’s like Heather Kelly knew that my idea of an ideal body changes with the people I’m surrounded by. It’s like she knew I … More Call Her Beautiful

Here’s my heart

God takes broken, tattered hearts and makes them beautiful. He is in the business of taking the repelling and hopeless and creating a masterpiece. God uses shortcomings, mistakes, unfaithfulness to move us towards reality … the reality that we are totally and completely dependant on Him. I can’t earn grace. Never will. And I’ll also … More Here’s my heart

Standing Amazed

The way God orchestrates the lives of the 7 billion or so people on the planet is … incredible. Just think about how He weaves our lives together with purpose. Everything in my life passed through my Savior’s hands before it ever touched me. I think God takes joy in proving His love to His children over … More Standing Amazed

sweet freedom

Have you ever sweated away for something that was given to you yesterday? studied for a good grade on a test you received last period? asked your boss for a raise you got last week? Yeah, I hope not. It’s like short-term memory or something. But apparently my memory isn’t all that clear either. ‘Cause I fight battles … More sweet freedom

It’s Overwhelming

So many times I catch myself stressing over what I think other people think of me. I read into what they say and do. I question the sincerity of their compliments {or assume that since they’re not complimenting me they must be thinking negatively of me}. But the thing is, they don’t know me that … More It’s Overwhelming

What Meets the Eye

My words {or lack of them} have power. They of course influence how people see me, but they also impact how others see themselves and the world around them. You and I have a huge responsibility to use our words wisely … to point to Truth. I’m sure we’ve all been told “fat talk” is bad. It causes … More What Meets the Eye

True Thoughts

There’s so many things that I know aren’t true, but if I take a look at my life and my thoughts I can tell I still believe them. Lies like: I determine my value. What I accomplish determines my worth. There’s this perfect body out there that’s gonna make me happy. I need to meet everyone’s standards and expectations. … More True Thoughts