where I land

they say “It’s been 23 days since 2015: in which Grace finds me was published.” and I say it’s been some great 23 days. they’ve been so full and so rich. and then the white flakes start falling. and they start piling one on another inches and inches deep. and then the magic happens. I … More where I land


Real honest, at one point this year they were talking about blind faith {Heb 11:1,2} and I just thought “Stupidity. Why believe in something you can’t see? Why believe in a God I can’t see or touch or audibly here? Why should I follow this way of life when it doesn’t get me to where I want … More stupidity

Peace Here

Learning that God’s arms are always gonna be holding me. His grace won’t let me go. Christ’s work is permanently enough. By grace I’m made perfect in God’s sight {forever}. By grace I am able to obey my good Father. By grace I am saved. By grace I am sanctified. By grace I was made perfect. By … More Peace Here