Ellie Grace

  We were going to do maternity pictures on Sunday,” I said as Jesse and the nurse helped me back into my hospital room. I had just seen Ellie for the first time since she was delivered via emergency C-section 6 hours earlier at 3:20 pm Friday, December 8th, 2017. She was 6 ½ weeks … More Ellie Grace

Fighting Grace

I read part of Hebrews this morning. And then this came … {take it with a grain of salt as always}. Obedience to God is belief which leads to rest. When we don’t believe we are like the Israelites who didn’t trust that God could help them fight off their enemies in the Promise Land. … More Fighting Grace


Because we’re all pieces of art made by God in God’s mold. But we’re less like paintings and more like novels to be unfolded slowly page by page. “’Relationships should be revelatory. We are not art shows on display to be gawked at. We should be allowed to be revealed over time.’” – The Revelation of … More Unfolding


presence. breath. praise. those words keep rising up in my mind and with it a realization that my life can be full and rich now. “The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need. ” Ps. 23:1, NLT Emmanuel. God is here. the veil is torn. Christ granted me the perfection I couldn’t … More Filled

life here and now

So the problem with being busy and not having (or making) the time to blog more frequently is that tons of ideas and possibilities for posts accumulate … and I’m left with the decision of what I feel most inclined to write about (because reading something I wrote that I wasn’t at least semi passionate … More life here and now

Safe Here

My God’s grace is sufficient, His power is perfect, and His righteousness is free … in the midst of my weaknesses {2Cor.12:7-10; Rom.5:17}. My God’s love is strong. Nothing will separate me from it {Rom.8:38-39}. My God Who, gave His Own Son to die in my place, will always work out all things for my … More Safe Here