holy and blameless

Burnout and exhaustion can come to anyone. There’s times when I want to scream that this thing called life is not working. Sometimes I lose hope that there’s anything I can do that’s of value … what’s the point of this all? The next time I come to that point I don’t want to be afraid to … More holy and blameless

heal my heart

So I love the fact that God doesn’t treat us like one dimensional beings. He formed both our bodies and souls. As our Creator, He knows how the different aspects that make up us are connected.  He knows how we work and knows what’s best and healthiest for us. He is the One Who heals. … More heal my heart

My Crutch

I heard this song for the  first time last fall. It grabbed my attention. Sadly, sitting in the car to listen to a new song probably wouldn’t have been a legitimate excuse for missing class. So I missed the last part of the song instead. Later, I found it on (where else) YouTube. I listened to … More My Crutch