My Crutch

I heard this song for the  first time last fall. It grabbed my attention. Sadly, sitting in the car to listen to a new song probably wouldn’t have been a legitimate excuse for missing class. So I missed the last part of the song instead. Later, I found it on (where else) YouTube. I listened to … More My Crutch

Always Before Me

I get distracted. A lot. Distracted from what really matters.  I loose perspective. Sometimes it happens unintentionally. After all, life is full of distractions. But if I’m honest with myself I would have to admit that there are times when I knowingly allow myself to lower my gaze from my Lord. Why? I think at … More Always Before Me

Look Up

“Your awesome,” they say, “Your smart, pretty, funny, kind … so hold your head up high.” They tell us we’re special. We have every reason to be confident in ourselves. So we hold our heads up high and proud. It works.* *{This statement has not been evaluated by the Universal Self-esteem and Value Association. It … More Look Up