breathe deeply

do it. take a deep breath. exhale. repeat. slow down for a moment or two. be intentional. personally, I’ve found taking a minute or two to breath deeply is so freeing. and, no, it’s not meditation … at least not the emptying- the-mind-kind. it’s selective thinking. or “taking every thought captive” if you’d like. Oh, there … More breathe deeply

these hands

“these hands that carried the cross carry us now every moment every hour … never failing only good” Held in Your Hands ~ Rush of Fools  He will never forget. He will never give up. He will never let go. He will always protect. He will always love. God will always carry … me. People … More these hands

Herein is love

I am completely known and I am completely loved … by GOD. This isn’t about what I’ve done. This isn’t about becoming worthy. This isn’t about becoming enough. ~ So many times I feel like I need to measure up … there must be something wrong, ’cause I feel empty. And those times are when I’m tempted … More Herein is love

For Real

Sometimes everything seems so blurred. The right seems pointless and the wrong seems better. Sometimes truth seems distant and lies … well they’re pouring out of me. My vision may change, but He remains the same. No matter how I feel or what makes sense to me now, God is real. He is constant. “Truly … More For Real

heal my heart

So I love the fact that God doesn’t treat us like one dimensional beings. He formed both our bodies and souls. As our Creator, He knows how the different aspects that make up us are connected.  He knows how we work and knows what’s best and healthiest for us. He is the One Who heals. … More heal my heart