when they ask

“So … what do you do?” “What three words describe you best?” “Where do you want to be ten years from now?” and then I have to slow down. pause. stop. . . . and ask, “What in the world am I doing?!” and, “Where is this really going?” and, “What is really important to me?” … More when they ask

Glory on display

When I don’t meet expectations – theirs or mine. when I feel like I’m not doing enough, but I’m becoming overwhelmed with all that I’m doing. when I feel as if I’m stepping into a foggy unknown. when I’m tired and confused and clueless what to do next … when I feel like I’m not enough, … More Glory on display

take the risk

The riskiest thing I can do is be myself being like Christ. living for Christ in my own unique way. taking the risk of not meeting everyone’s expectations. taking the risk of looking insane or like a failure in order to fill the spot God has for me. I am called to live for Christ and live like Christ, but in my … More take the risk

a good day

I once heard that after every workout you should think of at least one thing that went well. You felt good running. pushed yourself through those last shaky squats. succeeded at trying something new … I usually do this whether I intentionally try to or not. While stretching. eating a post-workout snack. driving home from … More a good day

holy and blameless

Burnout and exhaustion can come to anyone. There’s times when I want to scream that this thing called life is not working. Sometimes I lose hope that there’s anything I can do that’s of value … what’s the point of this all? The next time I come to that point I don’t want to be afraid to … More holy and blameless

There’s more

There’s more to life than success. more to work than a paycheck. more to school than excelling. more to summer vacations. more to today than what I cross off my to-do list. It’s hard for me to remember this isn’t really about how much I can accomplish. As a graduate I’ve got the “so what … More There’s more

filled by love

If I’m the one Christ died for to make His Own. if I’m the One He takes by the hand and calls me His own. if I’m the one He calls precious and honored. if I’m the one He carries in His arms each day. if I’m the one He is preparing a home for. … More filled by love


God had a very good reason for limiting us to the present. God is in the past and future just as much as He is in the present … but I’m here. now. The problem is I sometimes forget that … I mean, sometimes I get so caught up in the future. worrying. wishing. dreaming. I … More Enjoy!