a year ago I published my first entry on this blog. it kind of feels like I’m back where I started. like I’ve made a full circle. still surrounded by question marks … with just a few more answers. still got this ache in my heart – only in a slightly different place. and still learning what it means … More Worthy

a good day

I once heard that after every workout you should think of at least one thing that went well. You felt good running. pushed yourself through those last shaky squats. succeeded at trying something new … I usually do this whether I intentionally try to or not. While stretching. eating a post-workout snack. driving home from … More a good day

filled by love

If I’m the one Christ died for to make His Own. if I’m the One He takes by the hand and calls me His own. if I’m the one He calls precious and honored. if I’m the one He carries in His arms each day. if I’m the one He is preparing a home for. … More filled by love

True Thoughts

There’s so many things that I know aren’t true, but if I take a look at my life and my thoughts I can tell I still believe them. Lies like: I determine my value. What I accomplish determines my worth. There’s this perfect body out there that’s gonna make me happy. I need to meet everyone’s standards and expectations. … More True Thoughts