a beautiful story

If I would write a blogpost about allowing God to make beauty come from our pasts, I would say everyone has a story worth sharing. No one’s story is God’s after thought. He has a purpose for every plot twist and every chapter of waiting. If I wrote about beauty coming from our past, I’d … More a beautiful story

Herein is love

I am completely known and I am completely loved … by GOD. This isn’t about what I’ve done. This isn’t about becoming worthy. This isn’t about becoming enough. ~ So many times I feel like I need to measure up … there must be something wrong, ’cause I feel empty. And those times are when I’m tempted … More Herein is love

For Real

Sometimes everything seems so blurred. The right seems pointless and the wrong seems better. Sometimes truth seems distant and lies … well they’re pouring out of me. My vision may change, but He remains the same. No matter how I feel or what makes sense to me now, God is real. He is constant. “Truly … More For Real

What Meets the Eye

My words {or lack of them} have power. They of course influence how people see me, but they also impact how others see themselves and the world around them. You and I have a huge responsibility to use our words wisely … to point to Truth. I’m sure we’ve all been told “fat talk” is bad. It causes … More What Meets the Eye

True Thoughts

There’s so many things that I know aren’t true, but if I take a look at my life and my thoughts I can tell I still believe them. Lies like: I determine my value. What I accomplish determines my worth. There’s this perfect body out there that’s gonna make me happy. I need to meet everyone’s standards and expectations. … More True Thoughts

Freedom – for real

Truth is true whether I believe it or not. Lies are lies whether I distrust the or not. Reality is real whether I accept it or not. Dreams are counterfeit whether I suspect them or not. “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and … More Freedom – for real

Stronger Together

So two months ago I had no plans to make a New Year’s resolution. My reasons were 1). there wasn’t really anything I felt like committing to change and 2). those things I did want to change  I thought either weren’t worthy of being my resolution for the entire year or 3). I didn’t know how to go about changing them. … More Stronger Together