Tell me a story

Ask. everyone has a story to tell. everyone wants to be heard. Listen. show you care about their story. listening well is an art. Pray. remind them Who is truly writing their story. there’s a reason for every turn in the road. Never be to busy to listen. Never be to busy to tell people they’re … More Tell me a story

a good day

I once heard that after every workout you should think of at least one thing that went well. You felt good running. pushed yourself through those last shaky squats. succeeded at trying something new … I usually do this whether I intentionally try to or not. While stretching. eating a post-workout snack. driving home from … More a good day

I Already Am

I don’t know … maybe some of it is the fitness geek in me, but I love feeling that I have the power to make my body stronger, fitter, healthier … sure it’s gonna take time and work, but I enjoy it {yeah, that’s definitely the fitness geek showing through}. My motivation should that I … More I Already Am

sweet freedom

Have you ever sweated away for something that was given to you yesterday? studied for a good grade on a test you received last period? asked your boss for a raise you got last week? Yeah, I hope not. It’s like short-term memory or something. But apparently my memory isn’t all that clear either. ‘Cause I fight battles … More sweet freedom

It’s Overwhelming

So many times I catch myself stressing over what I think other people think of me. I read into what they say and do. I question the sincerity of their compliments {or assume that since they’re not complimenting me they must be thinking negatively of me}. But the thing is, they don’t know me that … More It’s Overwhelming

True Thoughts

There’s so many things that I know aren’t true, but if I take a look at my life and my thoughts I can tell I still believe them. Lies like: I determine my value. What I accomplish determines my worth. There’s this perfect body out there that’s gonna make me happy. I need to meet everyone’s standards and expectations. … More True Thoughts


Sometimes I just want to be heard. I might not have anything of value to say, but I feel like I need to pour it out there. I might not understand what I’m feeling or why this is happening, but I want to just talk it out. I think that’s a feeling we can all … More Heard

He Loved Me

There’s something in all of us that wants to be noticed. appreciated. understood. valued. praised. and … loved. I believe God put those desires there so that we would look for Him. But He also knew that we’d get distracted in our search for Him. He knew we might settle for something less than Him. … More He Loved Me

What If

The other day when I went into the locker room at the gym to grab my stuff before I left, I had a short conversation with a lady there. I can’t shake it off. She was sitting by the locker that had my bag in it. She was older and overweight. Her large bag and the … More What If