i looked over past instagram posts/pics/quotes/verses. memories. and truth spoken. it gave me that itch to write again. to express myself. to, yes, continue to “go & get,” but leave plenty of room to marvel at being. because when my life turns into something about going & getting (or filling) – there’s simply no room … More being.

here in the middle

Because for those who follow Jesus {strange as it seems} unexplainable joy and gut-turning pain often come from the same place: letting God intervene and interfere with your life … again and again and again. “’Now is my [Jesus’] soul troubled. And what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But for this purpose I … More here in the middle

breathe deeply

do it. take a deep breath. exhale. repeat. slow down for a moment or two. be intentional. personally, I’ve found taking a minute or two to breath deeply is so freeing. and, no, it’s not meditation … at least not the emptying- the-mind-kind. it’s selective thinking. or “taking every thought captive” if you’d like. Oh, there … More breathe deeply

Standing Amazed

The way God orchestrates the lives of the 7 billion or so people on the planet is … incredible. Just think about how He weaves our lives together with purpose. Everything in my life passed through my Savior’s hands before it ever touched me. I think God takes joy in proving His love to His children over … More Standing Amazed

What Meets the Eye

My words {or lack of them} have power. They of course influence how people see me, but they also impact how others see themselves and the world around them. You and I have a huge responsibility to use our words wisely … to point to Truth. I’m sure we’ve all been told “fat talk” is bad. It causes … More What Meets the Eye

Here it Goes

We’re all motivated by something. We all value something. We each are driven by something. We each worship something. We can’t escape it. We were made to worship. To run hard after something. Or Someone. There’s times when I kind of just go through the motions of being a Christian. I get distracted. Even though … More Here it Goes