I Already Am

I don’t know … maybe some of it is the fitness geek in me, but I love feeling that I have the power to make my body stronger, fitter, healthier … sure it’s gonna take time and work, but I enjoy it {yeah, that’s definitely the fitness geek showing through}. My motivation should that I … More I Already Am

There’s more

There’s more to life than success. more to work than a paycheck. more to school than excelling. more to summer vacations. more to today than what I cross off my to-do list. It’s hard for me to remember this isn’t really about how much I can accomplish. As a graduate I’ve got the “so what … More There’s more

sweet freedom

Have you ever sweated away for something that was given to you yesterday? studied for a good grade on a test you received last period? asked your boss for a raise you got last week? Yeah, I hope not. It’s like short-term memory or something. But apparently my memory isn’t all that clear either. ‘Cause I fight battles … More sweet freedom