Because we’re all pieces of art made by God in God’s mold. But we’re less like paintings and more like novels to be unfolded slowly page by page. “’Relationships should be revelatory. We are not art shows on display to be gawked at. We should be allowed to be revealed over time.’” – The Revelation of … More Unfolding

worth it

PC: Lindsey Slough   “You should know that if we meet I’ll probably fall in love with you and your story. You’ve been warned.” ~Melissa Hawks You get to have your story heard and I get to listen. There. We’re both happy, needy, dependent, and used. “So is it worth it?” is the question that … More worth it

wildly grateful

  Some things in my life are eerily similar to the way they were last year. many of the same questions. many of the same unknowns. Yeah, there’s some differences too, with one sticking out in particular. One that’s made all the difference in the world … I know I’m not in this by myself. because of new friendships … More wildly grateful